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Adding animation to your website is a fantastic way to keep visitors engaged with your content. A well-designed animation ensures the visitor focuses their attention and can make it easier to relate to your brand story.

Just like our logo design and website design services, we ensure our animation services follow a thorough process to make sure you get the product that your brand deserves.

Web animation can be small, like adding an effect to a button or text, or they can be a full product and promotional tutorials to make them more engaging.

Step 1 – Discuss and Discover

NU-Media works with you to understand your brand and the story you are trying to tell. This helps us to plot out the design for your animation, ensuring we get the right context and message. The critical part here is that everything remains consistent with how people identify with your brand. Everything we learn here feeds into the script, wireframes, and design.

Step 2  – Script and Style

In collaboration, we work to come up with a script and style for your animation. The goal is to turn the discovery session into something more visual. Storyboards help to create the key frames, making sure that the right message comes across in every element of the animation. If you want a voiceover with your animation, we can help come up with the write words and timing the ensure it compliments the graphics.

Step 3 – Design

By this stage, we understand your brand and vision, allowing us to build a design that speaks to your audience. More complex animations can take time to create, but we firmly believe in quality over speed.

Step 4 – Sign off and revise

We check off the animation against the initial set goals and ensure you are happy with the final product. At this point, we can make little tweaks until it is perfect. After that, it’s all yours!

Why Animate?

Typically, animations are an afterthought in website and campaign design. However, while they are a great way to make you seem more flashy and appealing, they need to also serve a purpose.

Providing Context

At NU-Media, one of the most common reasons we get to create animations is to condense context into viewable chunks. Instead of making users scroll to see content, they can view it all in one place using multiple animation frames.

Provide a story

A simple animation can tell a story that might otherwise take hundreds of words. If you have a particularly specialist or sophisticated product, an animation can explain the details without sacrificing visitor engagement.

Creating interactivity

Instead of having standard buttons and images, animations can add effects when uses hover over them, making it clear there is a possible action.

NU-Media helps you to deploy animations in a way that optimize your website and illuminate your brand. Contact us today to discuss your requirements in more detail and see what we can do.

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