What we do?

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A logo is essential to every business. A well-designed logo broadcasts the right message and helps differentiate you from the competition. NU-Media, with you create a logo design that portrays your brand identity. We do not use templates. Every logo is designed from a blank canvas to ensure it represents you as a business and attracts the right audience.

We work with you through your logo design journey to ensure you get the perfect result.

Step 1 – Briefing and Goals

Before we start with the design, we will talk to you about your brand and what it represents. Following the discussion, we will come up with a list of goals that will help the logo design fulfill its purpose. During the goal-setting phase, we can explore different directions, themes, and interpretations of your logo design.

Step 2 – Ideation

Following the goal setting, we will research the concepts agreed for the logo design and come up with potential ideas. Using your brand story, we pick the right colours, tones, and fonts to set the stage for a perfect logo. The same designs will later translate onto branding materials like business cards, landing pages, and letterheads, so we get how integral it is to your future.

Step 3 – Presentation

We will present you with various designs that suit your brand identity. Each of the designs will relate to the initial goal-setting session. Once you are happy with the design idea, together, we will optimise it and revise it until such a point that you are satisfied (hopefully ecstatic!) with the end product.

Step 4 – Your Brand Logo

NU-Media gives you a full colour, high-resolution files. Our final design will fully convey your brand message and cover all the logo “must have’s”

What your logo does for your brand

  • Grabs attention
  • Makes a strong first impression
  • Provides the foundation for your identity
  • Creates a lasting impact
  • Differentiates you from the competition
  • Advocates brand loyalty

We aim to create a logo that does all these things and becomes synonymous with your brand. Who knows, maybe you can be the next Nike tick, Big M or Black Horse?