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NU-Media helps brands looking to harness the power of the digital world by designing modern, functional, and engaging mobile apps. If you already have a website, social media accounts, blog, and a store, you might be wondering why you need a mobile app.

If you think about the 2.7 billion smartphone users worldwide, and 1.35 billion tablet users, there is a massive opportunity to scale your business. Moreover, 80-90% of the time people spend on their mobile phones is using apps!

Top reasons fo developing a mobile app
  • Apps make it easier to promote products and services

You probably spend money on lots of marketing channels like pay-per-click, Facebook, and Instagram and ads, to name just a few. If somebody already has your mobile app downloaded, you can push relevant notifications to them instead of relying on customers seeking you out.

  • Better customer engagement

Don’t wait for customers to see your ad. Send notifications in real-time with new products or promotions. You can engage them instantly, helping with conversion and retention strategies. An app is also a quick way of expanding your customer base, making it accessible via Apple and Android stores.

  • Builds brand credibility and reputation

Your brand logo can sit right in front of your customers in the form of your mobile app. When they want to buy products, your brand will be the first that they think of when it stares them straight in the eye. People will begin to remember and recognise your logo as part of your brand. Moreover, it proves that you are tech-savvy and in tune with modern digital channels.

At NU-Media, we work with you to create a mobile app that solves your business problems, offers an exceptional customer experience, and generates a return on investment.

Phase 1 – Discuss & Discover

The most challenging part of developing a mobile app is understanding business goals. A successful app is informative, guides the customer, and provides a seamless digital experience. We don’t just develop an app; NU-Media takes time to discuss your business and understand the problems you gave and the long-term objectives. Using our experience, we can direct you down the right path.

Phase 2 – App Design

Once we understand your business goals, we take time to research the market and see what your competitors are doing, and what consumers want. Through this information, we create designs and prototypes that fit your brand identity, ensuring they are consistent with the image across other media channels. If you have worked with NU-Media on website design or logo design, there is an excellent opportunity to build a full process flow.

Phase 3  – Develop

After reviewing the designs with you, NU-Media can start making the mobile app come to life. We have experience in developing both iOS, Android, and progressive apps, guaranteeing to have the solution you need.

Phase 4 – Review and Scale

Don’t worry; we won’t just ping you over an app and then walk away into the sunset. Before finishing the project, we ensure it meets the goals outlined during the discovery phase and revise it until you are happy with the product. We aim to smoothly integrate the mobile app into your existing strategy and campaigns, and we won’t be satisfied until that happens.

We have developed mobile apps for different use cases. Whatever your requirement, NU-Media can help get the right design for the brand.

Contact NU-Media today to discuss your mobile app requirements, and let’s get started!

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